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About Generation Gamer 

Hi, William here,

I am the founder of Generation Gamer.

First, thank you for visiting our site!

Since I could hold a controller or move a mouse, I have always wanted to play video games, I´m sure you were the same. Getting the original PlayStation and Tomb Raider IV for Christmas is still one of my top memories from childhood. Also during my university studies and career, video games have been my go to thing to relax and release stress (Thank you Netherrealm Studios and Bandai for the fighting games!).

One thing that always frustrated me online was the number of tabs I had to have open in making a decision about my next gaming upgrade, whether it was computer hardware or something as simple as a new headset, and the customer service on those sites never felt too useful in helping me make my decision. I felt there must be a site with everything in one place, but I could not find it....So I decided to make one!

That is how Generation Gamer was born, as a way to unite gamers´ needs into one awesome place to save gamers their time and effort, so they can spend more time gaming!

Generation Gamer has been around since 2021 and our small and dedicated team are constantly improving what we offer and serve the gaming community to level up their gaming!


Let us help you level up your gaming!

- William, Generation Gamer


Our Mission


Empowering the gaming community across Europe, our mission is to provide a comprehensive one-stop platform offering the latest gaming hardware, games, merchandise, and captivating content. We strive to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive environment where gamers can not only access top-quality products but also engage, share knowledge, and forge lasting connections in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

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