Deathloop Deluxe Edition with Steel Poster

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Brand: Bethesda (BESAA)

Edition: Deluxe Exclusive


  • Box contains a code
  • persistent broadband Internet connection required for use of online functionality and downloads of updates


Details: Deathloop is a revolutionary first-person shooter developed by Arkane Lyon, the critically renowned studio behind the Dishonoured franchise. The studio's new IP will maintain arkane's trademark gameplay style, which encourages players to express themselves freely. As colt, players are stuck in a time loop on the mystical blackreef island, condemned to repeat the same day in perpetuity. The only way out of the loop is to discover knowledge and assassinate eight critical targets before the day resets. However, rival assassin Julianna is lurking in the shadows, armed with similarly formidable talents and weaponry and on a quest to safeguard the loop by assassinating colt and resuming the cycle. Additionally, players can take control of Julianna, transforming deathloop into a lethal game of hunter vs. hunted. Code is Contained Within the Box