Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm cooling fan Black

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Brand: Be Quiet

Color: Black


  • Rotation speed: max. 1500 rpm
  • Computer case fan
  • 3-pin fan connection
  • 1500rpm and 12V


Details: The Pure Wings 2 fans offer the legendary be quiet! silent cooling to entry-level computing, while also being suitable for gaming and multimedia systems. The most critical characteristics are as follows:

  • Nine fan blades that have been tuned for airflow to minimise noise-generating turbulence
  • A rifle bearing with a long life has an operational life of 80,000 hours.
  • Even at maximum speed, it functions at a rather quiet 19.2 decibels (A)
  • Germany-based product idea, design, and quality control
  • Warranty period of three years

Pure Wings 2 provide exceptional reliability and silent operation at an affordable price. They are the final justification for installing the well-known be quiet! silent cooling system in your computer.