Generation Gamer's Gamers Club: The Latest Feature That Brings Your Next Gaming Upgrades Closer

Generation Gamer's Gamers Club: The Latest Feature That Brings Your Next Gaming Upgrades Closer

Video games and gaming hardware keep getting more and more expensive. Even if you’re a casual player who only spends a couple of hours at home, several gaming sessions at a friend’s house or just visit an online game every month, it adds up. For example, the average video game costs 60 € and some titles go for 100 € and up. That’s why gaming companies have come up with loyalty programs to reduce the cost of gaming upgrades and keep gamers coming back for more. Introducing Generation Gamer's latest feature, the Gamer’s Club, which helps you get discounts on any of your purchases! In this article, we’ll explore what the Gamer's Club is, how it works and how you can earn and spend Gamer Credits to help you bring your gaming to the next level!


What is the Gamer's Club?

You may have noticed the green button on the bottom left of the screen called 'Gamer's Club', well the Gamer’s Club is the latest feature of Generation Gamer, which focuses on rewarding gamers for choosing Generation Gamer as their to-go place for their gaming upgrades, as well as sharing their support with friends, followers and family. The currency of the Gamer's Club is Gamer Credits and these can be earned in a variety of different ways, such as sharing our social media pages, buying from us, or simply just having a birthday! These Gamer Credits can then be spent on discounts on purchases, percentages off prices or even free shipping!


How Does the Gamer’s Club Work?

The Gamer’s Club is a rewards program that allows fellow gamers to earn Gamer Credits for being an active part of the Generation Gamer community. Earning Gamer Credits is simple! You earn your first Credits simply by signing up to the Gamer's Club, then you can also earn more by following/liking Generation Gamer on social media, having a birthday and even just buying your gaming upgrades from Generation Gamer, where every 1€ spent earns you 5 Gamer Credits! You can see the full list when you click on ways to earn in the Gamer's Club hub.

Now earning these Credits is great, but how do you spend them? You simply have to click on the 'ways to redeem' section it will show you ways you can spend your Gamer Credits, but also how far along you are to earning each particular bonus. Using your Credits you can get money off, percentage discounts and also free shipping!



The Benefits of Why You Should Become a Member

We hope you can already see the huge benefits of joining the Gamer's Club, but if you are still uncertain don't forget the Gamer's Club is 100% FREE and will always stay that way!

You can also refer your friends to us and they will automatically receive a 5 € discount off their first order, and we will also give you as a 5 € discount as a thank you for introducing them to Generation Gamer. We want to help create a huge community of gamers that not only find everything they need for their gaming upgrades, while saving money, but also be a valuable source for gamers to turn to for reviews, tips and general gaming knowledge.