Best NPC Questlines to explore in Elden Ring (No Story Spoilers)

Best NPC Questlines to explore in Elden Ring (No Story Spoilers)


Knowing what to do in Elden Ring is likely the biggest mystery for many gamers unfamiliar with From Software’s titles. Even for experienced Soulsborne players, it introduces some new and outlandish elements to their game development style, making it a bit odd to get to grips with its storytelling techniques.

At the start of Elden Ring, you’re pretty much told to follow a vague trail of glowing lights called “grace” which can be found in Sites of Grace, the game’s version of a save point. With a design philosophy that is heavily focused on player discovery, it is quite overwhelming to handle all the exploration alone during your first campaign. The game is filled to the brim with lots of interesting NPCs and locations scattered around, so you may want to have a good idea of the right activities to invest your time and energy into. On that note, we decided to create a list of the best NPC questlines to explore during your Elden Ring playthrough.


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Boc the Seamster

A wholesome addition to an otherwise terrifying world, Boc is a character you’d want to have by your side during your Elden Ring quests thanks to his heavy contrast to most of the other creatures encountered in the game. For one, he’s a Demi-Human, and most Demi-Humans are hostile enemy mobs. With this guy, things are different, and engaging with his questline will expose you to an interesting backstory and a quick peek at the mystery behind some events in Elden Ring.

To trigger Boc’s quest, you’ll first have to come across a voice shouting for help in Limgrave, not too far from the first soldier camp you encounter. Hit the tree the voice sounds like it’s coming from, and you’ll find a rat-like kind fellow. From there, progress things in the game and you’ll encounter him occasionally. Apart from his wholesomeness, Boc is also able to put himself to good use by becoming your personal Seamster. That’s right! He can alter your equipment, giving you Elden Ring’s closest thing to custom gear.


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A mild mannered and distressed girl, your first encounter with Roderika is one that will likely make you understand just how tough life is for someone without any combative strength to handle what The Lands Between harbors. Found in a Stormhill Shack on the way to Stormveil Castle, Roderika sounds like she’s seen some traumatizing things and is ready to give up. However, if you exhaust her dialogue and help her out with an item she requests, she can eventually be found in the Roundtable Hold with other tarnished characters.

From there, things take a more interesting turn for Roderika. She has some nice rewards that we won’t mention yet, but trust that it is worth your time. She’s also one of the more level-headed people you’ll encounter in your journeys, so it’s best to cherish the familiarity you share. Ultimately though, Roderika plays a very essential role if you plan on upgrading your summons.

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Blaidd the Half-Wolf

This giant wolf-man seems like an intimidating guy, but he’s also the closest thing to a bro that you’re going to get in Elden Ring. His quest ties in with another character on this list, so watch out for that further down in this list.

In order to meet with Blaidd, you’ll first have to get a tip from Kale, the Santa lookalike merchant. He’ll give you a hint on how to communicate with him, then you’ll head over to the Mistwood Ruins and do what Kale has instructed. From there, Blaidd’s quest begins and you’re going to get to fight a really cool boss who we won’t spoil. Also, his quest leads to one of the best weapons in the game, so that alone is worth the effort.



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Ranni the Witch

Alright, here’s a questline with enough story elements to feel like you’re playing a DLC. Ranni’s quest is extremely detailed, but also easy to miss out, so you’ll need to be very aware when interacting with certain NPCs.

We won’t point in any particular directions, but just know that the exploring the Western areas of Liurnia is a good choice. Eventually, you’ll come across an unsettling castle with giant hands ready to ambush you. This is Castle Morne and if you’re brave enough to power through this entire area, you’re going to be met with the location of Ranni.

Before all that though, make sure you’ve actually met Ranni earlier. How? By going to Kale the merchant at night. In case you’ve forgotten, Kale is the Santa-looking-dude you met after blazing past the Tree Sentinel. Once you’re there at night, you’ll see Ranni, a little doll girl who gives you an item to summon Torrent, your spectral steed. Additionally, you’ll also need to meet Blaith who we mentioned earlier as his quest ties in with Ranni’s. Once you’ve done all these, just be attentive in the areas past Castle Morne and meet up with Ranni.

Her quest is perhaps the most rewarding NPC encounter to follow through because it actually influences a lot in the game’s world. It is honestly shocking that Elden Ring is designed in such a way that this quest can be missed by players.


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This is another NPC questline with numerous rewards and a general sense of satisfaction by the time it is completed. But at the start, it might not seem that way. Rya is first encountered in Liurnia of the Lakes, and she’s pretty difficult to miss thanks to her awkward posture. She’s got a soft voice and seems quite helpless when you find her. Speak to her and find out what the problem is. Once you’ve done that, she will offer you a letter.

Follow through on her invitation and you’re bound to enjoy what the rest of her quest offers. She is not the only prerequisite for the location her quest takes you to, but doing it through Rya adds a personal touch and allows you to unlock some little story tidbits that will help you understand what is going on.



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Now, Millicent might be one of the hardest characters to engage in a questline for. This is due to the fact that her story spans many locations and she can be easy to miss. However, it is important to watch out for her whenever you can. To trigger it, you’ll first need to go to Caelid and find the Church of the Plague. Prior to this though, it is best to speak to another NPC called Gowry who resides in a shack. Follow through with Gowry’s requests, then meet with Millicent at the Church.

After your interactions in Caelid, she can be found in many other areas including the Altus Plateau, Mountaintop of the Giants and in the Windmill Village. She’s a helpful character and the mystery of her ambitions also offer a nice bit of suspense you want to uncover.

Like many other NPCs in the game, you can technically complete the areas in her quest without ever interacting with Millicent, but having someone like her around will help define the stakes and give you a “why” when encountering certain bosses.



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Iron Fist Alexander

During your first encounter with this guy, you may feel tempted to attack first and ask questions later, but exercise a little patience. This giant jar with arms and legs is called a Living Jar and is a member of a race that is native to The Lands Between.

Alexander is an extremely noble warrior who is in search of a true adventure on the warriors’ path. This is what leads him to seek out the Radahn Festival, anticipating the glory of taking on a fierce demigod in battle. He’s a brave fighter and someone that is nice to run into during your playthrough. He’s also one of the few characters that will consistently appear throughout your adventures, so catching up with him feels like interacting with an old friend. His charm and amazing presence is worth experiencing.

Besides, you’ll also get to visit Jarburg, his hometown and meet someone who holds Alexander in high regard. His quest is pretty wholesome and may even bring you to tears at a certain point. In a harsh and unforgiving world like this one, it’s nice to have Iron Fist Alexander.



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Sorcerer Rogier

Another emotional and often underrated questline, Rogier is a cool character that sets up certain hidden details that affect the world of the Lands Between and the events that led up to the shattering of the Elden Ring. While his tag may be “Sorcerer”, he feels more like a scholar and a friend to you, giving you some valuable information that probably won’t be found elsewhere in the game. He also ties into Ranni’s questline a bit, giving you more context on what you’re doing. By the end of it, you’re bound to have collected a nice chunk of rewards including an amazing weapon.